Plenary lecture:

    Tien Hsu(Taiwan):
      "VHL-deficient kidney cells reconstitute inflammatory tumor microenvironment in the progression of renal cell carcinoma"

Keynote lecture:

    G-one Ahn(Korea):
      "Novel effects of ultra-high FLASH radiotherapy in the tumor microenvironment"
    Robert Cooper(UK):
      "Pushing the limits of fNIRS technology: how high have we climbed and how much further to the peak?"
    Ryan M. Field(USA):
      "Kernel Flow2: Next-Generation Time-Domain NIRS"
    Jing-Yan Han(China):
      "Yiqifumai injection attenuated blood-brain barrier disruption after thrombolysis with tissue plasminogen activator in mice"
    Kazuki Hotta(Kanagawa, Japan):
      "Skeletal muscle O2 transport during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation"
    Fuminori Hyodo(Gifu, Japan):
      "Imaging tissue redox status using in vivo dynamic nuclear polarization MRI"
    Valery Khramtsov(USA):
      "Multifunctional EPR-based profiling of tumor microenvironment: focus on tissue oxygenation"
    Michele Lacerenza(Italy):
      "The need for accuracy in clinical settings: TD-NIRS and reliable tissue oximetry"
    Lin Li(USA):
      "In vivo imaging of NAD and metabolism"
    Kevin McCully(USA):
      "Using muscle oxygenation to measure mitochondrial capacity"
    Masahito Mihara(Okayama, Japan):
      "Application of the Near infrared spectroscopy as a treatment tool for neurological disease patients"
    Mitsuaki Nishikimi(Hiroshima, Japan):
      "COVID pandemic and ICU crowdedness"
    Yu Okuma(Tokyo, Japan):
      "Secondary respiratory failure following various diseases"
    Leif Østergaard(Denmark):
      "The cerebral microcirculation: roles in oxygen transport and disease"
    Katsunori Oyama(Fukushima, Japan):
      "Predictive ability of dementia risk: A comparative study of NIRS, blood test, and periodontal disease test"
    Koichiro Shinozaki(USA):
      "Characteristics of post-cardiac arrest mitochondrial physiology and oxygen energy metabolism"
    Piotr Slomka(USA):
    Ilias Tachtsidis(UK):
      "In-vivo imaging of the redox state of cytochrome-c-oxidase as a biomarker of brain function and/or brain health"
    Atsuhiro Tsubaki(Niigata, Japan):
      "Application of NIRS in Exercise Rehabilitation"
    Hideo Tsukada(Shizuoka, Japan):
      "PET imaging of mitochondrial function in living brain"
    Masamichi Yamamoto(Osaka, Japan):
      "Visualization of ATP dynamics in vivo"
    Takao Yasuhara(Okayama, Japan):
      "Recent development in stroke focusing on cell therapy for ischemic stroke and spreading depolarization in subarachnoid hemorrhage"
    Toshitada Yoshihara(Gunma, Japan):
      "Oxygen imaging of living tissues based on phosphorescence lifetime imaging microscopy"
    Shigeo Wada(Osaka, Japan):
      "A computer simulation approach for understanding whole-brain flow and mass transport based on mechanics"
    Ryosuke Takegawa(Osaka, Japan);
      "Clinical impact of the regional cerebral oxygen saturation assessment for the prediction of clinical outcomes in patients with cardiac arrest"